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Mae Hong Son Travel Guide

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Welcome to Mae Hong Son

The provinces of Northern Thailand have outstanding topography, cultural diversity, and a population comprising of various ethnic groups such as the Lanna (KhonMuang), Shan (Tai Yai), Chin Haw. Burmese, and hill tribe people like the Hmong (Miao), Lisu, Lahu, Lua, PwaKaNyaew Poe (Karen), etc. Their unique cultures are still well preserved while they peacefully live amongst each other in different cultural neighborhoods with no language or cultural barrier between them.

Many tourist attractions are preserved in their beautifully natural state. All seven districts of Mae Hong Son are full of tourist destinations and have many unique and

interesting festivals that await visitors to explore their traditional culture, folkway and contemporary lifestyle from the past to the present.

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Some of the main attractions in each district are as follows:

Muang district : Sai Yud fresh market (Morning market). Phaya Sing Hanat Racha Monument (The first ruler of Mae Hong Son), Phra That Doi Kong Mu temple, Chong Kham Temple and Chong Klang Temple, Tham Pla (Fish Cave) Forest Park, and Royal projects

Pai district : Klang Temple. Nam Hu Temple. Moh Pang Waterfall, Kong Lan (Pal Canyon) and Pong Ron Hot Spring

Khun Yuam district : Tor Pae Temple, Mae Suring Waterfall National Park and Thung Bua Tong (Mexican sunflower field)

Mae La Noi district : Kaew Komol Cave, Karen Village, Dao Dung Waterfall, Mae Hu Hot Spring and Mae Pang Temple

Sop Moei district : Hill Tribe Villages at Mae La Ma Luang, Rafting at Mae Ngao and Mae Rid Waterfall

Pang Mapha district : Nam Rod Cave, Phee Man Cave, Nam Bor Phee Cave, Pha Mon Cave and Pha Dang Cave

If you want to experience traditional culture, ways of living still in their original form, and enjoy beautiful nature, then Mae Hong Son is one of your best choices!