Nongbuakhad Park ‘Taking a sunbath and inhaling the the breeze’

nongbuakhad park, nongbuakhad, nongbuakhad gardens

If youre the one who love leisure hobbies like reading, listening music, watching movies or eating snack. Then you may need some place peaceful, some place that is not your own house or an air-conditioned room. You probably dont feel fully relaxed if you stay in a limited place.

How about spending time outdoor? How about enjoying your hobbies in an open-air area? Gonna be cool, huh? If you agree, then you better grab your bag and travel to this place

Nongbuakhad Park is the ONLY park of Chiang Mai City Municipal, located just in downtown. The city municipal established it, in order that people want to do some relaxing activities. Nowadays, it is one of the most popular spots for tourists, both Thai and foreign. This park isn’t just for taking some rest, but it also has been being used to host the Flower Festival all along, total 29 years until now.  Beside of this, there are some other festivals held there, including Songkran Festival.

nongbuakhad park, nongbuakhad, nongbuakhad gardens
nongbuakhad park, nongbuakhad, nongbuakhad gardens

You will absolutely love the atmosphere. The Nongbuakhad park is surrounded with colorful flowers, trees, ponds, fountains etc. There is also a pavillion in the middle of a pond. You may just start from going around and take photos. Then find a quiet corner to read book, drink juice, listen to music or eat your lunch.

It’s hard to find a greenery place like this nowadays. So, when you have a chance in your hand, don’t let it slip away.

nongbuakhad park, nongbuakhad, nongbuakhad gardens
nongbuakhad park, nongbuakhad, nongbuakhad gardens

Nongbuakhad Park is available everyday from 5:00-21:00. If you can get up early every morning, you may cook something easy for your breakfast, probably scrambled egg, bacon cheese, fried egg, or butter-pasted toast. Then you pack your breakfast into a plastic box, put it into your bag and rush to the park. When you arrive, you may go jogging for a moment, then you eat your prepared breakfast. Just imagine how nice is it! You have a place for doing exercises and having very personal meals.

But, remember, no matter what you do, just please keep the area clean. Don’t leave food around. Don’t throw litter down to the ground. Don’t damage the flowers or anything. The park is enormous and whoever built it spent quite much fund. Therefore you can’t just ruin it. You need to reserve it for other people too.

nongbuakhad park, nongbuakhad, nongbuakhad gardens
nongbuakhad park, nongbuakhad, nongbuakhad gardens

How to get there

Nogbuakhad Park is located on Arak Road, Phra Singh District, Muang County, Chiang Mai Province.

The first method to go there is to take a personal car. You can drive one by yourself or just ask someone you closely know to drive for you. Start your trip by using the road surrounded  Chiang Mai Moat, driving toward southern-west side or Jang Goo Huang. You should find Nongbuakhad Park right opposite Jang Goo Huang.

But be aware that the park has no parking lots. You need to find some spots nearby instead.

If you so worry about where to park your car, then leave it at your shelter and grab some public vehicle instead. You may take B2 bus or Line 10 bus directly. The tickets cost only 15 or 20 Baht. Moreoever, you can take a red truck too, only about 30 Baht for each person.

Nearby Places

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Wualai Saturday Walking Street is located to the south west of the old city opposite the Chiang Mai Gate. The Saturday Market extends for roughly 1km all the way down the length of Wui Lai Road. This is now a non-smoking market place. The Saturday Market is open every Saturday from 4pm till midnight. Like the Chiang Mai Sunday Market the road is closed to all vehicular traffic so you can browse the goods on display, bargain with vendors for a good price and wander freely around without traffic worries.