Tham Kaew Komol is the only one crystal calcite cave in Southeast Asia.

tham kaew komol, kaew komol cave

Tham Kaew Komol is an ancient calcite crystal cave situated to the east of Mae La Noi district.

If viewed from a map, Amphur Mae La Noi seems to be a passage between Amphur Mae Sareang and Amphur Khun Yuam. This district does not have many tourists but there is one tourist attraction. Tourists who do not like caves will surely drive pass this place. However, it is one of the most beautiful in Thailand with crystal calcite in the cavern. Tham Kaew Komol was discovered in 1993 during an exploration of the area. From then, the Department of Mineral Resources turned it into a tourist attraction and in 1995, it became Kaew Komol Cave National Park. Originally, it was called Crystal Calcite Mae La Noi Cave, the calcite mineral or calcium carbonate is crystallized on the cave walls. The color is white as snow.

tham kaew komol, kaew komol cave
tham kaew komol, kaew komol cave

The outstanding feature of Tham Kaew Komol is that it is a cavern as deep as 30 meters down in the ground. Inside there are Calcite crystals that are said to be the most beautiful in Thailand. In Asia, such Calcite cave was found first at China, and second at this cave in Mae La Noi district. In order for calcium carbonate to crystallize, it will need suitable hot steam to melt calcium substance until it becomes saturated and sets solid inside the cave. This is an unusual phenomenon and thus makes Kaew Komol cave a very rare and precious cave.

tham kaew komol, kaew komol cave
tham kaew komol, kaew komol cave

Tham Kaew Komal divide into 5 halls. All linked together by the 120 meter long pathway. The most interesting halls are the fourth and the fifth ones, where pure Calcite crystals are shaped like corals and most crystals are in perfect condition.

Walking in and out takes about 20 minutes. No hats, coats, backpacks or cameras allowed inside. Only a flashlight which you don’t necessarily need for the cave is well lit. Worth a visit.

tham kaew komol, kaew komol cave
tham kaew komol, kaew komol cave

Opening hours : 08:30 – 16:30

How to get there : Tham Kaew Komol is signed off the highway 108 in Mae La Noi. Turn left along the way to Ban Toong Sarapee for 5 kilometers.

Address :  Kaeo Komon Forest Park, Mae La Noi Sub-district, Amphur Mae La Noi, Mae Hong Son, Thailand 58120

GPS Coordinates Map : 18.3964564, 97.966048

Entrance : Entry fee is 80 THB includes a songthiew (pickup-truck) ride up the side of the hill to the cave entrance.

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